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What characters can be played?

Any fictional character can be played, if you can fit them into the setting. Original characters may also be played, provided that they don’t have a close relationship with a canon character as part of their backstory (IE, no playing Cloud Strife’s long lost son).

We encourage “canon welding” with character backstories, as long as all involved players agree to it. For instance a faction from one canon could act as the sponsor of a mechwarrior from another one, technology from one canon could be used on a mech from another or backstories of two characters from different canons could have them crossing each other’s paths

How do I apply?

The game is currently in invite-only beta testing, so applications are currently waived. To obtain an invite, message the mods with the character you’re thinking of applying, a little about them in the setting and a brief description of their mech or vehicle (if applicable). We’ll email you back, and if we extend you an invite we’ll ask you to put some of that info on your character’s journal’s profile.

When the game leaves beta testing, we’ll begin requiring applications. Backstory and threads from the beta testing stage will be usable in those applications.

Is there a character limit?

The current character limit is four per player.

This setting looks awful familiar. What gives?

We liberally ripped off the canon settings of Battletech, Mobile Suit Gundam and others in making the universe background. The history and universe info was deliberately kept a little vague so we can integrate more factions as need be. If you have suggestions in that regard, feel free to contact us.

How did my character arrive in this universe?

They were born and raised here. This is an alternate universe game, where character backstories are altered to fit it. Feel free to make up planets and factions to help tweak their backstory, if needed.

Can my character be a famous gladiator?

It’s assumed that most player characters are highly ranked in the games, having already beaten NPCs. Of course if you want to play a novice gladiator fighting their first few matches, just note that somewhere. OTOH, please consult the mods if you want to make your character the champion of their division.

Does my character need to be a mechwarrior?

No, not at all! The game universe is huge, and there are an infinite variety of jobs to be filled. Your character could be a noble, or a member of one of the many criminal organizations that are drawn to Solaris. They could work in the planet's thriving entertainment industry as a performer, a reporter, a nightclub owner or a bodyguard. They could be an engineer, a doctor, a shopkeeper or a local politician. Or perhaps they're part of the planet's large, struggling underclass, desperate for any opportunity - legal or not - to move up in the world.

What kind of mech can my character have? Does it have to be one from one of the canons that contributed to the setting?

Your character’s mech/vehicle does not need to be or resemble one from any canon. The only requirements are:

1: It must have a Real Robot feel to it (IE it can’t be powered by magic).

2: It must have something like a blend of strengths and weaknesses (IE don’t use the mech to powergame)

If you feel the need, we encourage you to come up with an original mech for your character. For more information, see the Technology section of the game information.

How do the mecha fights work?

Battlemechs are large, customizable, humanoid robots that must be piloted by human "mechwarriors." Mech duels are extremely popular on Solaris, where even small towns have their own humble battle arenas. But the biggest matches are fought in the big arenas of downtown Solaris City. Characters can also use other types of vehicles, such as battle armor or fightercraft, although these tend to see a lot less action in the arenas.

Players can design their character's battlemech. Characters with the resources and/or technical skills can have custom mechs. Mechwarrior characters can choose to join teams, which can be a great way to build CR.

You can choose to log mecha battles the usual way, but you can also switch to a real-time chat, or handwave the combat. Whatever method you choose, remember to report it to the mods so battle results can be added to news posts.

Can we create NPCS?

Yes! This is not just allowed, but encouraged, as NPCs help enrich the environment. Canon characters can be played as NPCs if they are either A) a minor character in the canon, B) a relatively minor antagonist, or C) absolutely essential to a player character's functioning. NPC canon characters can still be apped by someone else. Please be considerate with how you use your NPCs, and don't use them to start plots without mod permission.

Is there a network system?

Sort of. The Comstar organization maintains planetwide wireless internet, voice, texting and email services, and sells offworld communication through its faster-than-light HPG uplinks. It's relatively cheap to send email and recorded messages to other planets, but real-time communication is expensive.

However, there's no dedicated "network" for player characters. Your character accesses the public internet through whatever communication devices they happen to own. Network comm posts are assumed to be posted to the local, planetary internet unless noted otherwise.

What is the time scale of this game?

Solaris Spectacle has a 1:1 IC/OOC day ratio, but extensive backdating and forwarddating are allowed.

Time jumps of up to eight months may occur to facilitate larger plots, but only with player consultation. .

What happens to characters who die?

Death is permanent in this game, so characters who have died cannot be played or apped again by someone else. Please seek mod permission before killing your character.

What happens to characters who get dropped?

Exiting players have the option of specifying what happens to their dropped character (they might have returned to their home planet, or simply grown busy and lost touch with their previous CR) but the mod team reserves the right to godmode any dropped characters who are involved in important plots.

Can you answer this question I have that's not in the FAQ or infopages?

Absolutely. Feel free to reply here, or if you prefer more privacy, in the screened mod contact post.